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If our brand was a woman, what would it say about itself? VERANO SWIM was created to empower and provide space for women's natural sexuality and fearless femininity to flourish.

Daring to bare distinctive women selves, we are creating swimwear, that produces a wow-effect every time your wear it.

Striving to continue to break new ground with every collection, we are here to make unique pieces of a swimwear fashion - from translucent blouses to complex beach sets. Bold, irreverent, elegant or minimalistic - VERANO SWIM models are multifaceted as our clients are. That's why we don't believe in fashion boundaries, given every woman the right to enrapture on her own terms. Femininity is a state of mind, not a set of given rules.

Be yourself, not afraid to take risks, love experiments and feel confident wherever you are with your very special swimwear.

VERANO SWIM. Made to impress.